Articles of Association

Úvod Articles of Association

The name of the Association: Pet Grooming Association of the Czech Republoc, z.s.

The seat of the Association: U smaltovny 1335/20, Prague 7 - Holesovice

The Association is a legal entity performing its activities in accordance with the law and these Articles.

The Association is an autonomous, non-political, non-profitable organization aimed at fulfillment corporate interests of its members.

Internal organisation of the Association, laws and duties of members and voted authority are following these Articles as well.



Article II.


Purpose and Activities of the Association

I. The purpose of the Association is support, promotion and awareness of proper care of skin and hair of the animals.

2. Activities performed by the Association to fulfill the purpose introduced in Article II 1 of Statutes are the following:

  • 1. to associate members, support of their activities and protect their interests within their scope
  • 2. Support and organisation of trainings and courses for members and a professional public.
  • 3. The realization of co-operation with other subjects on national and international level.
  • 4. The promotion of Association's activities and the awareness of proper care of skin and hair of the animals e.g. through organizing events and keeping the public informed.
  • 5. Publishing and distribution of publications, brochures and newsletters and other materials concerning association's activities.
  • 6. Providing consulting and advisory services.
  • 7. The Association offers discounts on goods and services for members within its scope.


3. The Association performs its main activity in order to reach its goals in accordance with the basic objective of the association. None of the main activities of Association is a business even a gainful occupation.

4. The Association is entitled to support its main activity by providing secondary economic activity consisting of a business or other gainful occupation in accordance with generally binding legislation.



Article III.

Association's Membership

1) The membership is voluntary. The member can become a natural person, older than 18 years of age, regardless his/her nationality and also artificial person regardless the place of incorporation. The membership arises after approving your application by the chairman. The chairman will confirm a membership one month after submitting your application. The chairman could refuse to accept an applicant for a membership if it could endanger functioning of the association or if the behavior of the person applying for membership, is not in accordance with the goals of the Association. The first members of the Association of PGACR will become automatically those who are present at the founding meeting where for the purpose of these Articles they will be considered and indicated as the founders of the association. The membership applies only to one member, is non-transferable to the other person even to his lawyer.

2) The member is entitled to:

  • 1. take part in meetings( for members) and participate in decision-making by voting.
  • 2. vote the chairman
  • 3. put forward proposals, incentives and comments to the executive body
  • 4. participate in the activities of the Association
  • 5. be regularly informed about developments of Association
  • 6. enjoy advantages of membership if declared.

3) The member is obliged to:

  • 1. observe the Articles of the Association, carry out the resolution of Association's executive body
  • 2. protect actively the interests of the Association, observe internal agreements and not undertake any steps which could be in breach with the interests of the Association or its members.
  • 3. take an active and regular part in meetings of Association and contribute to improvement of its work/activities.
  • 4. pay membership fees.


4) The membership of the Association is terminated by:

  • 1. delivering a written notification about member's leaving the Association
  • 2. the member's death
  • 3. the termination of the Association
  • 4. excluding the member from the Association by a chairman if the member doesn't take part in meetings for three times without any apology or if he repeatedly and in breach of written warning from the body of Association violates these Articles or legislation of the Czech Republic.
  • 5. non-settling membership fees by the date declared by membership meeting.
  • 6. or from a different reason set by legislation.

5) The list of members is public and it will be published on the website of the Association. All records and deletions on the list are carried out by the chairman at the beginning or at the end of the membership and further in case of substantial information relating to the membership.

6) All setllements towards to the member whose membership was finished, will be carried out in three months after confirmed termination of the member´s membership by the chairman.




Article IV.:

Association Bodies

Organizational structure of the Associations consists of:

  • 1. Membership Meeting
  • 2. the Chairman


Article V.

Membership Meeting

1. The Supreme body of the Association is the meeting of all its members - the membership meeting. The membership meeting decides about all important issues concerning the Association, in particular:

  • 1. determines the main goals of the Association
  • 2. approves the Articles of the Association and changes of these Articles.
  • 3. votes the chairman and dismisses him
  • 4. determines the amount and due date of membership fees
  • 5. approves the Report regarding the activity of the Association for the previous year including an Annual Report on activities and management of the Association
  • 6. decides about admission of the artificial persons to the Association
  • 7. decides about memberships of the Association in international organizations, coalitions and campaigns
  • 8. decides about the termination of the Association.

2. The membership meeting is called by the chairman as needed, at least once a year. The chairman is obliged to call the membership meeting during one month when asked by a minimum of a one third of members of the Association in written form. The information about the meeting is sent by a chairman to all members of the Association in written or electronic form to their contact addresses as stated in their applications or to contact address stated later by the member of the Association 10 days before its organizing at the latest. The part of this information is a proposal of agenda.

3. The membership has a quarum when one third of members of the Association takes part in the meeting. The membership meeting decides by overall majority of members of the Association present at the meeting if not stated otherwise. Every member has got one vote when making decision and for taking a decision introduced in points V1, letter a,b,g, of these Articles an agreement of an overall majority of present founders of the Association is necessary.

4. The chairman could call voting of the membership meeting “per rollam”. The chairman can propose the resolution in written or electronic form to all members of the Association which needs to be approved. There is a deadline of this resolution proposal until which the members have to express their agreement or disagreement. This limit takes at least 3 days, the maximum is 14 days. The proposal is accepted on condition that the number of received positive answers is bigger than the number of those negative ones. The voting results are announced in written or electronic form to the individual members of the Association by the chairman.

5.The issue that was not put on the agenda when announcing the membership meeting in accordance with the point V2 of these Articles, could be put on the agenda on condition that an overall majority of present members agree and an overall majority of present founders agree as well.

6. The authorized member of the Association takes the minutes regarding decisions approved at the membership meeting. The minutes has to be certified by two members present at the membership meeting.


Article VI.:

The Chairman


1) The chairman is a statutory organ of the Association who is authorized to act independently in all matters. The by the Chairman authorized member or an authorized employee of the Association can act for the Association as well.

2)The chairman is elected by the membership meeting for a period of 10 years by the Association members. The chairman assumes his/her duties on the day of his election.

3) The chairman

  • 1. calls the membership meetings in accordance with these Articles.
  • 2. ensures the performance of a main and secondary activities of the Association in the period between meetings.
  • 3. prepares materials for negotiation and decision-making of the membership meeting.
  • 4. The list of members is kept by the chairman
  • 5. The Chairman approves new members and decides about member's excluding
  • 6. The Chairman archives all minutes from the membership meetings
  • 7. The Chairman decides about an amount of membership fee and its due date and exemption from the payment for particular members.
  • 8. He makes decision about other issues entrusted to him by these articles.

4. The chairman also makes decision about all issues not falling within the competence of other body of the Association.

The chairman's office is terminated by:

  • 1. His resignation
  • 2. His death
  • 3. on expiration of the term of office, at the same time when the Chairman agrees, he holds the post until a new chairman is voted.




 Article VII.

Property and Management of the Association

1. The sources of income of the Association are especially:

  • 1. Contributions, donations and grants
  • 2. The incomes from secondary economic activity done for support of the main activity.
  • 3. The membership fees

2. The property management of the Association complies with the budget approved by the Chairman.

3. Further principles of management economy with the property of the Association can be adjusted by an internal regulation approved by the membership meeting. The internal regulation can also further specify the conditions and the principles of running of the secondary economic activity as well.


Article VIII.

The Termination of the Association

The Association terminates.

  • 1. by decision of the appropriate body in accordance with a generally binding legislation.
  • 2. by a voluntary dissolving on the grounds of membership meeting decision where a part of the decision about the termination of the Association is a statement about the way of property settlement.


Article VIII.

Closing Regulation

These Articles were approved by a founding membership meeting on December 8, 2014.

These Articles come into force since December 8, 2014.