Pet Grooming Association of the Czech Republic, z.s.


"We help you with your professional growth".


PGACR is an organisation which associates groomers and others who are interested in this field as well.


Are you an owner of grooming salon or are you considering to start your own grooming business and have you not had a trade license yet? Have you got an only dog and you do not know how to take care of it properly?

You can find out a lot of information as a member of this association which will help you in your business or your hobby.


PGACR is for everybody who wants to know more.

To grow professionally, constant education is of a big importance as well as to be constantly informed about news and new trends.


PGACR offers you:

- professional seminars

- workshops with the Czech and foreign trainers

- discounts on seminars

- information about cosmetology

- consultancy

- discounts on goods and petfood





Jiri Bohata 


He completed his studies at SPŠ Dopravní in Prague

in 1995. He founded a courier company in 2002

and he started his cooperation with his mother Eva Rydelová in their family business specialized on

selling goods for blacksmiths. He founded an e-shop in 2011. He decided to found Pet Grooming association of the Czech Republic on an impetus of his clients in 2015, and he was elected a chairman.

Jarmila Kasparova

 She has been a groomer for 24 years, since 1992. She founded an Educational Center Argos in Havlíčkův Brod specializing in retraining courses of grooming. During this long period she took part in many professional trainings, seminars and during her long-term practical training she gained a lot of experience. She is one of founders of PGACR z.s. and she provides grooming consultancy for members of PGACR z.s.




MVDr. Jana Bohatova


She graduated at the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University Brno in 2007. In the same year she started her career as a veterinary. She has been interested in veterinary dermatology since 2008 and she became a member of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD) in 2012.  She provides educational activities and consultancy for members of PGACR.